2018 Dates to Remember

September 7- Pre SOS Party at the Circle with
 DJ John Smith.

Sep 11- FSC Fall Business Meeting and election of the 2019 officers. 7pm at the Circle Fountain. 

September 14 - 23 – Fall Migration SOS 

October 26 – Halloween and Re-Up Party

December 7 – Christmas Party at Oakdale Country Club, Florence, SC 
Labor Day
Bday- Gerald Carroway
Bday- Gail Kirshy
DJ-John Smith

Pre SOS Party 
Dday-Jackie Watford
Bday-Lou Vause
Bday-Glenn Hunt
Fall Business meeting 7pm Circle Fountain.
No DJ at the Circle
SOS begins
Bday-Ron Baucom
DJ-Dennis Osborne
Bday-Carolyn Henderson
DJ-Roy Childress
Bday- Donna Chamberlin
SOS                               SOS                               SOS                     SOS                SOS                            SOS                      SOS
SOS Ends