In the early 80’s, five couples that loved shag dancing decided that Florence needed a shag club. These five couples formed “The Shaggers Delight Shag Club” aka SDSC. This was a great club that loved to party and shag. Most parties were held at a cabin on Black Creek and also at the DuPont cabin.

The SDSC membership policy originally stated only 10% of the membership could be unmarried couples. Any single person who did not have a steady partner was not eligible for membership. As the married couples membership grew, the unmarried couples percentage was increased to 20% of the membership. During this time more singles expressed interest in joining a local shag club. Thus the idea of a shag club without marital restrictions was developed.

In 1985 Bonneau’s was the place to shag on Tuesday and Thursday nights. In February, 1985, after partying at Bonneau’s a group of single people met at the home of Barbara Williams and thus began the formation of the Florence Shag Club. Several meetings followed and on March 5, 1985, thirteen single people met and discussed a constitution, membership requirements, dues, name of the shag club as well as a slate of officers. On March 14, 1985 the constitution was approved and officers were elected.
Officers elected: Eddie Collins, President
  Billy Price, Vice-President
  Gerry Bonner, Secretary
  Barbara Williams, Treasurer
The requirement for membership was to promote shagging and beach music with no emphasis relating to marital status.

Charter members are Vickie Alexander Clarke, Carol Almers Hall, Ron Baucom, Gerry Bonner Hayes, Eddie Collins, Peggy Hodge Carswell, Joe Jordan, Guy O’Neal, Billy Price, B.J. Richardson, Jane Spivey-Smith, Carol Thomas, Nicky Tomlinson, Mary Frances Tompkins White, Tanya Waddell, Barbara Williams and Larry Young. At the end of 1985 our membership had grown to 94 members. This number included many singles and also couples from the Shaggers Delight Shag Club. This first married couple to join was Larry Campbell and his former wife Penny.

On April 29, 1985 the Florence Shag Club applied for membership in the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (ACSC) with the Columbia Shag Club being our sponsor. The Florence Shag Club was accepted into membership of the ACSC on May 19, 1985.

We have seen many shag places come and go. Many hours and dollars were spent dancing at places such as Bonneau’s, Bogie’s, Raifords, Shaggers, Moody’s, Milligan’s and now the Circle Fountain.

The first real home for the Florence Shag Club was Raifords from May 1985 until August 1986. We then moved to Shaggers/Milligans/Moody’s (same location, different name of lounge) and partied there until we moved to the Circle Fountain in 1991. 

The friendships and contacts that have been made through involvement with the Florence Shag Club will forever be special memories for many of us.

Eddie Collins, Charter President