Welcome to the Florence Shag Club Website
Hello FSC members and friends,
and a Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads and mentors out there. This coming Friday, June 21st, DJ Roger Holcomb will be our DJ for the evening. We hope to see you there for some great tunes, dancing and plenty of good times. Music starts at 8pm, fun starts when you walk in the door.
The Nominating Committee has been established. If you would consider serving the club as an officer or director please check the bylaws page for the duties of each office. 
We encourage all members to click on the Bylaws link above as well as the Our History page. The Florence Shag Club was Established in 1985. Shagging is not only a dance, it's a mindset and a lifestyle.
Come see us!

2019 FSC Officers

To contact webmaster:
 Hilda Bowen
Our Purpose
The purpose of the Florence Shag Club shall be to preserve, encourage and promote the education and perpetuation of the Shag, to provide social activities at which emphasis is placed on the dance, and to inform its members of beach music and Shag dancing activities.
May Florence Shag Club forever be a part of our lives as we keep on Shagging!

Vice Pres- Bayne Hayes
Email - bhayes68@sc.rr.com

Secretary- Judy Collins
Email- judycollins@sc.rr.com
The time to join the FSC, for the new 2020 year, starts on October 1st, 2019.
For existing members to rejoin during the grace period, Oct 1st thru Nov 30, the dues will be $30 until the end of
Starting December 1st the dues will be $35 for existing members as well as all new members.

Click on the application to open and print
President- Hilda Bowen
Email - hbowen@sc.rr.com 
Treasurer- Dan Coggin
Email- dcoggin@bellsouth.net
We're looking forward for the awesome tunes of DJ Roger Holcomb this Friday June 21st. Music starts at 8pm. Hope to see you there.