2014 FSC Officers

Our purpose:
The purpose of the Florence Shag Club shall be to preserve, encourage and promote the education and perpetuation of the Shag. To provide social activities at which emphasis is placed on the dance, and to inform it's members of beach music and Shag dancing activities.

May Florence Shag Club forever be a part of our lives as we keep on Shagging.

Welcome to the Florence Shag Club
Big Crowd this past Friday. Thank you all for coming, we hope you had a good time. It's a good time for us just seeing you there and we hope to see you again this coming Friday August 1st. Bill Jones will be in the DJ Tower and the music starts at 8pm. It's not too late to sign up for Our August 9th Cool-Me-Out Party. The price is $20 a person. I mean, where else can you have a Saturday night out on the Town and a party like CMO for only 20 bucks?

Thank you to the members that are helping us sell the RR Raffle tickets. Your involvement means so much to the success of our club. The drawing is Friday August the 8th, to help kick off our CMO party on the 9th; it's going to be here before you know it. This drawing is to benefit  the Florence Shag Club and of course the lucky winner. Only takes one ticket to WIN!

Click here for a Cool-Me-Out sign up sheet you can print.

Are you ready to dance? Are you ready to par-ta? I know you are. come see us this Friday August 1st at the Circle Fountain of Youth and let's do it one more time. See you there!!!

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Loni Rhea, Bayne, Johnnie and Talmage....

President-Loni Rhea Hatfield
Secretary- Johnnie Tomlinson
Treasurer- Talmage Askins
Vice President-Bayne Hayes
Welcome new members 2014
Donna & Roger Moore  Sumter, SC
John & Kathy Williams  Florence, SC
Reginald Moody  Florence, SC
David & Lynda Grant  Florence, SC
Reggie Brown  Florence, SC
Mary Godwin  Scranton, SC
Robert Merchant  Florence, SC
Lisa Carrier  Florence, SC
Robert Wheaton  Ladon, SC
Wren Vulcano  Florence, SC
Karen Belissary  Florence, SC
Jeff & Anne Proctor   Florence, SC
Johnny & Marie White  Florence, SC
Donna Leslie   Florence, SC
Pat Gourlay,  Camden, SC
Whit Blanton, Florence, SC
Leigh Hamric, Florence, SC
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